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2019 Networking Portal Attendees (to date)

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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Emil Delgado VP,COO
Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Frank Little Sales Manager Specialty Chemicals
Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Tim Dixon Product Development Manager
Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Cres Calabrese Chief Strategy Officer
Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Gary Reynolds General Sales Manager
Pilot Chemical Company OH Colin Horwitz Head of Innovation, D,S&C
Pilot Chemical Company OH Kenny Potter Marketing Manager
Pipeline Packaging TX Magnus Liljenberg Sales Rep
Pipeline Packaging TX Jeremy Beeson National Account Manager
PK Partners MD Stanley Sojka Managing Director
Polysciences Inc. PA Mike Ott President/CEO/Owner
Polysciences Inc. PA Scott Knorr Vice President
Polysciences Inc. PA Mike Wagaman Senior Technical Director
Polysciences Inc. PA Bruce Howell Senior Market Manager
Powder Processing & Technology IN Sarah Freeland Development Engineer
Powder Processing & Technology IN John Kaziow EJ-Vestco Industries
Powder Processing & Technology IN Ken Bartelt President
Powder Processing & Technology IN Adam Bonk Business Development Manager
Powder Processing & Technology IN Chris Smith Business Development Manager
Powder Processing & Technology IN Errol Menke EJ-Vestco Industries

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