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2019 Networking Portal Attendees (to date)

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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
Athlon Solutions TX Larry Ito VP Sales & Contract Manufacturing
Austin Chemical IL Samuel Ponticelli Chairman and CEO
Austin Chemical IL Maurice Baillargeon Director, Business Development
Authentix TX Rob Mettes Director of Procurement
AVEKA MN Marie Jorissen President
AVEKA MN Merilee Reski Director of Business Development
B&P Littleford MI Darrin Cross Product Manager
B&S Group BV Andre Sijrier M.D.
BAG Corp TX Ebonie Clark Director of Sales
BAG Corp TX Charlotte Chandler Sales Representative
BAG Corp TX Erin Hemperly Sales Representative
BAG Corp TX Chris Michael Sales Representative
Bann Quimica Ltda SP Dwight Bann CEO
BASF Corp. NC Michael Stadelmaier Contract Mftg. Manager - North Amer
BASF Corp. NC Ashley Morris Contract Mfg Manager - North Ameri
BASF Corp. NC Andrea van der Velde Global Sourcing Manager
BASF Corp. NC Monica Javornik Procurement Manager
BassTech International NJ Maral Tezcan Business Developemt
BassTech International NJ Michael DeMarco Business Development

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