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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
1 Fagen, Inc. MN Richard Cantor Senior VP, Business Development
2 Fanwood Chemical NJ V.M. Jim Delisi Chief
3 FAR Chemical FL John McArthur Business Development Manager
4 FAR Chemical FL Joe Beatty VP Commercial & Technical
5 FAR Chemical FL Jerry Reddinger Commercial Director
6 Farmers Business Network CO Mike Snyder VP Inputs
7 FCI Technology NC Richard Barnhardt Vice President & General Manager
8 Federal Equipment Company OH David Winger
9 Federal Equipment Company OH Ted Davis Vice President
10 Ferrum, Inc. TX Patrick Bartel Area Sales Manager
11 Ferrum, Inc. TX Mark Naegeli Director
12 Fine Agrochemcials Ltd England Phil Wikeley Technical Director
13 Fine Grinding Corporation PA Gene Fatula General Manager
14 Firmenich, Inc. NJ Toly Alexander Chemical Development Manager
15 First American Equipment Finance NY Alison Taylor AVP, Marketing
16 First American Equipment Finance NY Mike Flanigan, CLFP Assistant Vice President
17 First American Equipment Finance NY Jeremy Wolocki Assistant Vice President- Project & Equipment Finance Expert
18 First Continental International NJ Daniel Gagliano Marketing Manager
19 First Continental International NJ Greg Heden Senior Marketing Manager
20 First Continental International NJ Jeff Appleton Senior Marketing Manager

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