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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
1 Haldor Topsoe, Inc. TX Casper Hadsbjerg Head of Business Development
2 Halocarbon Products Corporation GA Jeffrey Clements Sr. Sales Manager
3 Halocarbon Products Corporation GA Derek Brown Supply Chain Director
4 Haltermann Carless MO Bryan Schorr Sales Manager
5 Haltermann Carless Deutschland GmbH Johann Albrecht Spangenberg SVP
6 Hanesbrands Inc NC Ruth May Research & Innovation Chemistry Mgr
7 Harcros Chemicals, Inc. TX Kyle Boudreaux Commercial Director
8 Harcros Chemicals, Inc. TX Jeff Parkinson Director Business Development
9 Harcros Chemicals, Inc. TX Mark Hamilton COO
10 Harcros Chemicals, Inc. TX Joanne Sagos Account Manager
11 Harcros Chemicals, Inc. TX Matt Shipp Market Manager for Agro
12 Harcros Chemicals, Inc. TX Gary Delk Regional Manager
13 Harcros Chemicals, Inc. TX Samer Saba Sales Manager - Specialties
14 Harcros Chemicals, Inc. TX Dennis Whipple General Manager, Specialty Division
15 Hardy Industrial Technologies OH Brian Desantis Director
16 Harris Group Inc CO Bryan Wood Senior Project Manager
17 Harris Group Inc CO Andrew Harrah Director of Business Development
18 Harris Williams VA John Lautemann Director
19 Harris Williams VA John Lautemann Director
20 Harton LifeScience Corp. NY Tony Uberoi President

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