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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
1 NACD VA Roselle Foley Senior Director, Business Developme
2 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Lee Lewand Sales Manager
3 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Charlotte Danals US Sales Manager
4 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Jeff Barnes CEO
5 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Paul Williams Business Manager
6 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Joseph Detyens Sales Manager
7 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Frank Lawson VP Operations
8 NanoChem Solutions IL Laiduien Fan Division Manager
9 NanoChem Solutions IL Joseph Fan Industrial Sales Director
10 Nation Ford Chemical Company SC Phillip McCarter Vice President
11 Nation Ford Chemical Company SC Brooke DeDomenico Technical Manager
12 Nation Ford Chemical Company SC James Hubbard Plant Manager
13 Nation Ford Chemical Company SC Brooke DiDomenico Technical Manager
14 Nation Ford Chemical Company SC Jay Dickson President
15 National Container Group NC Rick Myers Regional Sales & Sourcing
16 NatureWorks LLC NE Terence Doll External Manufacturing Leader
17 Nclear Inc. GA Matthew Velker Director of Manufacturing
18 Nease Performance Chemicals OH Gordon Geist Director Sales & Marketing
19 Nease Performance Chemicals OH Michael Biehle Business Development Manager
20 Nelson Brothers, LLC AL Adam Sherer Product Manager

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