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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
1 P&G Chemicals OH Brian Furlong East Coast Account Executive
2 P&G Chemicals OH Ryan Hess Alcohols & Related Products Manager
3 P&G Chemicals OH Rishi Rangarajan Americas Sales Manager
4 P&G Chemicals OH Peter Giannetti Customer Development Manager
5 Pak Technologies WI David Greif Director of Business Development
6 Pak Technologies WI Kevin Schuele President/CEO
7 Palm Commodities International TN Ric Burks Strategic Supply Manager
8 Palm Commodities International TN Jeff Brassard General Manager
9 Palm Commodities International TN Prakash Mishra Commercial Director
10 Pancosma North American QC Myriam Miranda
11 Pancosma North American QC Patrick Jr Dethier
12 Parchem NY Luigi Magliaro Sales
13 Paul O. Abbe IL Jeff Hoffmann Vice President
14 PCC CHEMAX SC Steven Caldwell sales executive
15 PCC CHEMAX SC Joshua Mcclellan Technical Account Manager
16 PCC CHEMAX SC Walter Mebane CEO
17 Peel Plastic Products ON Arnoud Prins Market Innovation Manager
18 Peel Plastic Products ON Lorne Gelz Category Manager
19 Peel Plastic Products ON Weijia Zhang Business Development Manager
20 Pennakem TN Barry Roberts Commercial Director, North America

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