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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
1 Vacuubrand, Inc. CT Bill Faught Sales & Technical Service Rep
2 Vacuubrand, Inc. CT Mark Karpiej Technical Support Specialist
3 Valent USA LLC CA Robert Bryant Manufacturing Engineer IV
4 Valentine Chemicals, LLC LA John Tanory VP/Sales
5 Valentine Chemicals, LLC LA HUGH CAFFERY general manager
6 Van Diest Supply Company IA Clark Vold Manufacturing Coordinator
7 VanDeMark Chemical, Inc. NY Larry Grubb VP Global Sales & Business Develop
8 VanDeMark Chemical, Inc. NY John Dobrolsky Sales Manager, North America
9 VanDeMark Chemical, Inc. NY Michael Kucharski CEO
10 VanDeMark Chemical, Inc. NY Paul Ameis General Manager
11 Vantage Specialty Chemicals IL Jen Sacksteder Strategic Marketing Specialist
12 Vantage Specialty Chemicals IL Paul Gaines Business Director
13 Vantage Specialty Chemicals IL Daniella Gallucci Sales Manager
14 Vantage Specialty Chemicals IL Tony Martinez Regional Sales Manager
15 Vantage Specialty Chemicals IL Germano Coelho Senior Vice President Sales & Marke
16 Veeva NC Scott Mattson Account Executive
17 Veeva Systems SC Shannon Frece Account Executive
18 Veolia North America IL James Reddy Product Line Manager
19 Veolia North America IL Debbie Strother Account Manager
20 Veolia North America IL John Nerger Reclaim Product Line Manager

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