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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title
1 Wacker Chemical Corp. MI Mark Harrison Global Bus. Dev. Manager
2 Wacker Chemical Corp. MI Scott Starr Sales Manager Americas
3 Walsh & Associates, Inc. MO Tom Intagliata Marketing Manager
4 Walsh & Associates, Inc. MO Paul Winkelmann Regional Sales Manager
5 Walsh & Associates, Inc. MO Ed Pyatt Account Manager
6 Ward/Kraft, Inc. KS Earl Adams Sales Representative
7 Ward/Kraft, Inc. KS Seth Needham Sales Rep
8 Washing Equipment of Texas LTD. TX Robert Lye General Manager
9 Water Science Technologies AL Tonya Price N/A
10 Watermark Advisors SC Hagen Rogers Executive Managing Director
11 Waters Corporation MA Ken Langley Market development manager
12 Webb Chemical Service Corporation MI John Hill Business Development Manager
13 Wego Chemical Group NY Roger Weaving Global Product Manager
14 Wego Chemical Group NY Kimberly Morgan Global Product Manager
15 Wego Chemical Group NY Jason Lopipero Global Product Manager
16 Western States Machine Company OH Ed Dunsmuir Sales Manager Chem/Pharma Div
17 WeylChem SC Hugh Hennessy Account Manager
18 WeylChem SC Gary Pasek Director Sales & MArketing
19 WeylChem SC Kevin Drost Director of Development
20 WeylChem SC Dave Adams Supply Chain Manager

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