2020 Texas Attendee List

Texas attendees gathered and talking at the show

Preliminary 2020 Texas Attendee List

871 as of January 21, 2020

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Company State First Name Last Name Job Title Registration Date
Aaron Equipment Co. Inc. IL Michael Cohen Buyer 09/24/19
Aaron Equipment Co. Inc. IL Erik Eichert Buyer 09/24/19
Aaron Equipment Company Inc. IL Anthony Tufano Sales 09/24/19
Abtrex Industries IN Curt Harvey Technical Sales Engineer 10/02/19
Access Chemicals and Services LLC TX John Hrinevich lab consultant 11/22/19
Access Chemicals and Services LLC TX Aubrey Phillips Account Manager 11/22/19
Access Chemicals and Services LLC TX Courtney Pytel Vice President 11/22/19
Access Chemicals and Services LLC TX Ron Treece President 11/22/19
Accron LP TX Brad Marks Project Manager 10/02/19
Aceto US LLC NY Clifton Bobe Assistant VP Specialty Chemicals 09/19/19
Aceto US LLC NY Amelia Greene Account Manager Specialty Chemicals 10/07/19
Aceto US LLC TX Scott Guthrie Senior Account Manager 01/10/20
Aceto US LLC NY Scott Herrington Senior Account Manager 10/07/19
Aceto US LLC NY Keith Wilkinson Senior VP Performance Chemicals 09/19/19
Achiewell PA Jason Chou Business Director 01/03/20
Adesis DE Richard Decina Sr Director Business Development 01/17/20
Adesis Inc NC Jason Corder Business Development Manager 12/18/19
Admix NH Stewart Rissley Chemical Market Manager 01/17/20
Admix, Inc. NH Patrick Lakin National Sales Manager 11/22/19
Admix, Inc. TX Ryan Manchester Sales Manager 11/22/19
Advanced Blending, Inc TX Jill Howard Business Development 01/20/20
Advanced Blending, Inc. TX Laurie Walkenhorst President 10/04/19
Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. MI Joe Eldick Vice President of Technology 11/20/19
Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. MI John Russo Vice President Sales & Marketing 11/20/19
Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. MI Craig Tungate President 11/20/19
Aether Industries Limited India Rohan Desai Director 01/14/20
Aether Industries Limited India Aman Desai Director 01/08/20
Aether Industries Limited MI Ray Roach Business Development Leader, USA 01/08/20
Aether Industries Ltd. AZ Michelle Pogosaew Business Development Specialist 01/09/20
Aflex Hose PA Bill Winand National Sales Manager 12/11/19
Afton Chemical United Kingdom Andy Hover Senior Procurement Manager 12/20/19
Afton Chemical MO Scott Turner Tolling Manager 11/22/19
AgMarketResults, LLC SC Carmine Sesa Sales 11/15/19
AgraForm MO Doug Baskett Principle (LLC Member) 09/17/19
AgraForm MO Ron Cunningham Principle (LLC Member) 09/17/19
AgraForm MO Bill McVeagh Principle (LLC Member) 10/07/19
AgroSource, Inc. WA Rene Amundson Director of Operations 10/02/19
Air Products PA Joanna Benson Commercial Technology 12/10/19
Air Products PA Sandy Kushner Marketing Manager 12/10/19
Air Products PA Timothy Lebrecht Commerical Technlogy 12/10/19
Air Products PA Mclinton Windham Sales 12/10/19
Albemarle NC Wally Bigler Business Director 11/25/19
Albemarle NC Gary Hess Director of Purchasing 11/21/19
Albemarle NC Jay Kisslak Strategic Purchasing and Supply Cha 11/21/19
Albemarle NC Chris Klumph Sales 11/25/19
Albemarle NC Ashley Wilt Product Manager 12/04/19
Alkem Industrias Mexico Hector Flores VP 11/22/19
Alkem Industrias Mexico Guillermo Guerra CEO 11/22/19
Altamont Capital Partners CA Eric Li Vice President 01/08/20
ALTIVIA TX Chuck Kreutzberger Commercial Development Manager 11/20/19
ALTIVIA Specialty Chemicals, LLC TX Dave Pearson Business Director 11/20/19
Amazon WA Maxim Napadiy General Manager 10/02/19
American Chemical Society. IL Christopher Nolan Account Manager Western US 11/25/19
American Custom Drying NJ Adam Cabot CEO 01/21/20
American Custom Drying NJ Bob Slade Vice President 01/21/20
American Global Logistics GA Doug McBee Senior Vice President 10/02/19
AMRI Global MI Sean Maggert Business Development - Fine Chemica 01/09/20
Amsyn Incorporated NH Mark Castovinci Sales Representative 09/18/19
Amsyn Incorporated NH Rich Murphy Product Manager 09/18/19
Ancos VA Christopher Arnoldt Director of Sales and R&D 12/19/19
Anno Chemicals USA - Houston TX ALEX BONAMI Business Development Manager 01/13/20
Apollo Scientific United Kingdom Sam Vine Head of Bulk Sales 12/12/19
Applied Materials CA Ben Schmiege Supply Chain Manager 01/21/20
Aramco Performance Materials NY Jeff Conuel Polyol Technology Manager 01/13/20
Aramco Performance Materials NY Jonathan Hall Senior Process DevelopmentScientist 01/13/20
Archroma U.S., Inc. NC Ruben Cuadrado Direct Spend Manager 01/15/20
Archroma U.S., Inc. NC Debra Pound Regional Head of Procurement 01/15/20
Arcline Investment Management NY Bob Wedinger Consultant 01/13/20
Ardica Technologies CA Joseph Coury VP Fuel Production 10/02/19
Ardica Technologies CA Suzanne Shaske Chemical Process Engineer 01/09/20
Arkema SC Eric Rigel Market Manager 12/05/19
Arsenal Capital Partners NY Brian Orkin Investment Partner 12/18/19
Ascend  Performance Materials TX Mike De La Cruz Contract Manufacturing Director 12/09/19
Ascend Performance Materials AL Sanjay Dube Sr. Manager - Process Technology 01/16/20
Ascensus Specialities PA Harry Rathore Board Member & Advisor 11/21/19
Ascensus Specialties PA John Jones Business Development Lead 01/09/20
Ashland LLC KY Dana Matlock Sourcing Manager, N.America Tolling 12/18/19
Ashland Specialty Ingredients OH Donald Joseph Toll Manufacturing Mgr. 11/18/19
ASHTA Chemicals Inc. OH Chris Berning Western Region Sales Manager 10/31/19
Athlon, A Halliburton Service LA Gretchen Blank Marketing Specialist 09/05/19
Athlon, A Halliburton Service TX Shubhajit Ghosh Global Sr. Commerical Manager 11/21/19
Athlon, A Halliburton Service TX Larry Ito Global Commercial Director 09/05/19
Austin Chemical IL Maurice Baillargeon Director, Business Development 11/08/19
Austin Chemical IL Ethan Li Sourcing and Procurement Sales Asso 11/08/19
AVEKA MN Marie Jorissen President 12/30/19
AVEKA MN Merilee Reski VP of Business Development 12/30/19
B&P Littleford MI Darrin Cross Product Manager 12/16/19
Balmoral Advisors IL Chris Cerimele Managing Partner 11/20/19
BASF Corporation NJ Keenan Deutsch Program Manager Contract Manufactur 01/21/20
BASF Corporation NJ Robert Levasseur Procurement Manager 11/21/19
BASF Corporation NJ BASF - Lucas Marks Contract Manufacturing Manager 12/11/19
BASF Corporation NC Jeremie Miller Global Sourcing Specialist 01/06/20
BASF Corporation NC Erich Oaks Global Sourcing Manager 10/08/19
BASF Corporation NC Laurence Rys Global Sourcing and Contracting 01/02/20
BASF Corporation NJ Sriram Srinivasan Senio Manager Global Services 12/06/19
BASF Corporation NJ Michael Stadelmaier Contract Manufacturing Manager 10/02/19
Baze Chemical TX Janna Baze Sales/Marketing 10/07/19
Baze Chemical TX Ana Godinez Sales 01/08/20
Baze Chemical TX Ana Godinez Sales 10/07/19
Bedoukian Research, Inc. CT Juan deJesus Sourcing and Procurement Specialist 01/21/20
Bedoukian Research, Inc. CT Greg Pignone   01/21/20
Berndorf Belt Technology IL Andy Colon Director of Sales 09/18/19
Berndorf Belt Technology IL Stan Djuric Director of Sales 09/18/19
Berryman Chemical TX Zachariah Smith Account Executive 01/08/20
Berryman Chemical inc TX Troy Jones Account Executive 01/13/20
BHS-Sonthofen Inc. NC Doug Bartus Account Executive-Process Division 11/21/19
BHS-Sonthofen Inc. NC Garrett Bergquist Sales Engineer 11/21/19
Biazzi S.A. Switzerland Bruno Tettamanti Vice President Marketing and Sales 11/28/19
Biazzi S.A. / Apogee-engineering Switzerland Jerry Wingo Exclusive Representative of Biazzi 11/28/19
Biddle Sawyer Corp NY Jon Hupert Vice President 11/21/19
Biddle Sawyer Corporation NY Lee DeWitt VP Business Development 10/07/19
Biddle Sawyer Corporation NY Jeremy Gura Senior Vice President 01/02/20
BizGirl Consulting FL Cristi Stiers President & CEO 01/14/20
Blue Grass Chemical IN David Amundson Marketer 12/10/19
Blue Grass Chemical IN Paul McCauley Executive VP 12/10/19
BMO Harris IL Matthew Anderson Managing Director 12/20/19
Boaz Partners, LLC GA Kyle Johnstone Sr. Search Associate 11/22/19
Boaz Partners, LLC GA Weslee Washington Managing Director 11/22/19
Boulder Scientific Company CO Pamela Aultman Sourcing Manager 10/02/19
Boulder Scientific Company CO Colin Eckerling Sales Account Manager 11/20/19
Boulder Scientific Company CO David Morita Director of Business Development 11/21/19
Boulder Scientific Company CO Daniel Tempel Sales Account Manager 01/09/20
Brenntag MN Gerald Denson VP Value Added Services N.A. 01/11/20
Brewer Science Inc. MO Adam Daniels Supply Chain Supervisor 01/07/20
Brewer Science, inc MO Perry Novak Senior Technologist 01/13/20
Buckman TN Tim Francis Production Manager 11/13/19
Buckman TN Dean Williams Area Manager Oil and Gas 11/13/19
Bulk Chemical Services (BCS) GA Harry Colley Director of Sales & Marketing 10/02/19
Bulk Chemical Services (BCS) GA Jonathan Denis Operations Manager 10/02/19
Bulk Chemical Services (BCS) GA Melissa McWilliams Product Manager 10/02/19
Bureau Veritas TX Jennifer Donelson Key Account Executive - On-site Lab 12/31/19
Bureau Veritas TX Russell Johnston VP Laboratory Operations 12/31/19
Buss ChemTech AG Switzerland Thomas Blocher Business Manager 10/10/19
Buss ChemTech AG Switzerland Nereo Rodriguez Sales Manager 10/10/19
C.H. Robinson OK Joel Kennedy Director Strategic Sales 01/13/20
CABB Switzerland Matthias Beinhoff Director NBD, BU CM 11/07/19
CABB NC John Chapman Regional Director, US & Canada 11/07/19
Cabot Microelectronics IL Jason Davis Materials Engineer 10/22/19
Cadence Bank TX William Bobbora Mng. Director 11/19/19
Callery PA Brian Coleridge Territory Account Manager 01/03/20
CAPITAL RESIN CORPORATION OH James Bull President 11/20/19
Capital Resin Corporation OH Michael Denney Business Manager 12/02/19
Capital Resin Corporation OH Michael Yingling Business Development Manager 11/22/19
Cargill IL Brock Brockway North American Engineering Manager 10/02/19
Cargill GA Joseph Clark Tolling Manager 10/02/19
Cargill MN Brennan Duty Business Development Manager 01/20/20
CAS OH Dana Bettineschi Business Development Manager 12/10/19
CCL Label TN Jim Balentine Director of Sales 01/02/20
Cekal Specialties NC Dallas Crotts President 01/15/20
Centauri Technologies LP TX Kyle Killebrew President 01/08/20
Centauri Technologies LP TX Samuel Lane Director - Business Development 01/08/20
Centrifuge Repair and Engineering, TX Laura Latimer Sales and b 01/08/20
Century Global LLC PA Ben Jones President 11/04/19
CGThermal OH Greg Becherer VP, Sales and Marketing 12/10/19
CGThermal OH Joan Bova National Technical Sales Director 12/10/19
CH Robinson OK Jason Davis Director - Senior Sales 01/13/20
Charkit Chemical Company CT Mike Lyons VP of Business Development 01/16/20
ChemBuyersGuide.com NY Brian Perles Manager 11/18/19
ChemDesign WI Rae Johnson VP of Sales and Marketing 11/20/19
ChemDesign WI Bryon Leggett VP of Business Develoment 11/20/19
ChemDesign WI Dave Mielke CEO 11/20/19
ChemDesign WI Kevin Possi   12/10/19
Chemical Abstract Services OH Whitney Berrien Business Development Manager 06/06/19
Chemical Products Corporation GA Tom Bourdon President 01/08/20
Chemical Products Corporation GA Dan Burger Product Development Manager 09/12/19
Chemical Products Corporation GA Janet Ingram Chief Marketing Officer 09/12/19
Chemical Products Corporation GA Morgan Mackey Commercial Analyst 01/08/20
Chemical Products Corporation GA Chris Mullinax Executive VP 01/08/20
Chemical Week Magazine NY Vincent Valk Senior Editor 01/08/20
Chemicals America, Inc. PA Tom Leahy President 09/10/19
Chemicals America, Inc. TX Sherri Sims Manager 12/04/19
Chemicals Inc. Bay City Site TX Stephen Halliday Business Development Director 01/14/20
Chemicals Inc. Bay City Site TX Ritesh Moza COO / VP of Corporate Development 01/14/20
Chemicals Incorporated TX Charles Castley Commercial VP 01/14/20
ChemOrganics TX Thomas Swallow President 01/14/20
ChemOrganics TX Sachin Tipnis Vice President 01/15/20
Chemours DE Lynnae Duprey Contract Manufacturing Manager 01/03/20
Chemours DE Lisa Murdock Executive Buyer 12/04/19
ChemPacific Corporation MD James Havlin VP Sales 11/19/19
ChemPacific Corporation MD Tony Liang COO 11/19/19
ChemPacific Corporation MD Maureen Zhang Business Development Manager 11/19/19
ChemPak International Inc. TX Gregory Lyons CEO 11/22/19
ChemPoint WA Kelli Kimball Supplier Development Manager 01/14/20
ChemPoint / Univar WA Henry Garibay Product Manager 01/14/20
CHEMQUEST CHEMICALS, LLC TX John Fries Senior Sales Director 09/03/19
CHEMQUEST CHEMICALS, LLC TX Carl Gerken Sales Manager 09/03/19
CHEMQUEST CHEMICALS, LLC TX Clay Pace President & CEO 09/03/19
ChemStation OH Bruce Phillippi Director of Research & Mfg 11/07/19
Chemtech Netherlands Matthijs Plusquin Managing Director 10/02/19
Chevron Oronite TX Michael DeBattista Area Sales Manager 09/17/19
Chevron Oronite TX Kathleen Long Account Manager 11/04/19
Chevron Oronite CA Sean McGinnis Product Line Specialist 11/19/19
Chevron Oronite CA Amanda Nestlerode Product Line Specialist 12/17/19
Chevron Oronite TX Jeanne Righter Marketing Manager 09/17/19
Chevron Oronite TX Morgan Shirley Account Manager 01/21/20
Chevron Oronite Company LLC TX Jorge Caballero Business Development - Chemicals 12/18/19
CHEVRON PHILLIPS TX John Beighle Account Mgr 11/11/19
Chevron Phillips TX Timothy Burrell Account Manager Solvents 01/09/20
Chevron Phillips Chemical Company TX Randy BRYAN Specialty Chemicals Product Manager 11/18/19
CIRS Group USA Inc VA Jim Mo Regulatory Consultant 12/16/19
CJB Industries GA Jeana B COO 11/11/19
CJB Industries GA Clinton Beeland CEO 11/11/19
CJB Industries NC Ron Levin   11/11/19
CJB Industries GA Sims Turner Account Manager 11/11/19
CJIdeas, LLC DE Chris Junk Founder and CEO 10/02/19
Clariant KY Matthew Brenner Sales Account Manager 12/06/19
Clariant KY Jordan Knapp Custom Catalyst Account Manager 01/17/20
Clariant Corporation TX Vinay Vasuki Procurement Manager 10/02/19
Clayton Equipment PA Keith Dieringer Sales Representative 01/20/20
Clean Earth Systems Inc. FL Jenna Cameron Regional Manager 11/12/19
Clean Earth Systems Inc. FL Cory Stiger Regional Manager 11/12/19
CMC Letco MO Gary Harrell Regional Sales Manager 08/05/19
Comi Polaris Systems, Inc. NC Jessica Astoria Director of Engineering 11/20/19
Comi Polaris Systems, Inc. NC Claudio Carpano CEO 11/20/19
Comi Polaris Systems, Inc. NC Melissa Ratliff Communications Manager 01/08/20
Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Mexico Jorge Hinojosa Project Manager 05/06/19
Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Mexico Marco Martinez Project Leader 05/06/19
Covalent Chemical LLC NC Matthew Rowe   11/07/19
CPC Logistics/Driver Sourcing WI JEFFREY HART VP - NA Sales 11/08/19
CPCHEM Chevron Phillips TX Dana Burns Technical Service Specialist 12/10/19
CPCHEM Chevron Phillips TX Ronald Smith Technical & Market Development Mana 12/10/19
Croda DE Robert Boulden Sales Manager 12/18/19
Croda DE Richard Hanson Managing Director 12/18/19
Croda NJ Nick Speller Key Account Manager 01/14/20
Crown Iron Works MN Patrick Hudoba Sales and NBD 01/16/20
Custom Chemical Services, LLC TX David Buchanan Director of Business Development 11/20/19
Custom Chemical Services, LLC TX DARYL RADLEY VP Sales & Marketing 11/04/19
Custom Chemical Services, LLC TX MARGARET ROFF President 11/04/19
Custom Chemical Services, LLC TX KEN WEEMS General Manager 11/04/19
Cymer LLC TN Joan Roller bu 01/08/20
DanChem VA Warren Gilchrist Sales Manager 11/22/19
DanChem VA Christy Nix Sales Manager 11/22/19
DanChem VA Tim Peret Commercial Director 11/22/19
DanChem VA Kaushik Vashee VP Eng. & Process Development 11/22/19
DanChem VA John Zuppo CEO 11/22/19
DanChem. VA Karen Parham Director, MPP Operations 12/12/19
Datacor AZ Daniel McCusker VP Sales 11/07/19
Datacor NJ Sean ODonnell Chairman 01/09/20
Datacor Inc. TX John Lutz Senior Sales Executive 01/15/20
DAXX TX Michael Nassar Sales 01/08/20
Day & Zimmermann SC Brian Tiffany Director, Business Development 01/21/20
Deepwater Chemicals, Inc. OK Chawn Hensley Sr. Sales & Marketing Rep 01/03/20
Deepwater Chemicals, Inc. OK Diane Szydel Asst. VP & Business Development 01/03/20
DeForest Enterprises, Inc. FL Jeff Edwards President 09/27/19
DeForest Enterprises, Inc. FL Marcia Snyder Technical Service Director 09/27/19
Delamine GA Chuck Matthews Business Manager 01/15/20
DKSH North America Inc. NJ Casey Cordon Sr. Business & Sourcing Manager 01/07/20
DL Trading TX Robert Martin Business Development Specialist 11/21/19
DOD Technologies, Inc. TX Blaise Champagne Sales Manager 01/08/20
Dow CA Joseph Garcia EM Project Manager 01/02/20
Dow MI Gregorio Lok Sourcing Director 01/09/20
Dow Chemical PA Keith Edwards Ext. Mfg. Project Manager 01/07/20
Dow Chemical Company MI Mark Haydanek Sr. Manager, Purchasing 10/02/19
Duke Energy One NC Taylor Oswald Strategic Development Manager 10/02/19
DuPont VA Lydia Ragsdale Contract Administrator 01/14/20
DuPont Specialty Products USA LLC DE Pamela Lewis Executive Buyer 12/11/19
DuPont Specialty Products USA, LLC DE David Walker Buyer 12/12/19
Dupre Logistics TX Amy Armstrong Director of Business Development 10/08/19
Dupre Logistics LA Alfred Parker IV Director of Business Development 10/08/19
Dupre Logistics IL David Strange Director of Business Development 10/08/19
DyStar NC Billy Gardner Sales 01/20/20
Eastman Chemical TN Mark E Key Account Manager 01/09/20
Ecolab MN Andrew Wold Procurement Manager 01/21/20
Ecolab - Nalco IL Daniel Bowser Procurement Manager 01/20/20
Edgewater Capital Partners OH Robert Girton Partner 01/09/20
Edgewater Capital Partners OH Richard Schwarz Partner 01/09/20
Edwards Vacuum NY Bob Campbell Vice President, Industrial Vacuum 01/09/20
Edwards Vacuum NY Andreas Kobus Business Development Manager 09/18/19
Edwards Vacuum NY Meagan Novak Territory Manager 09/18/19
ekato corporation NJ kevin gagen Regional Sales Manager 01/14/20
Elan Technology, Inc. GA Jared Durrance Senior Process Engineer 01/07/20
Elan Technology, Inc. GA Terry McCormick Chief Operating Officer 01/07/20
Element Chemicals TX Chase Herell President 01/09/20
Elkem Silicones SC Deanna Michna Senior Sales Representative 12/02/19
Engi-Mat KY Brian Mackey CEO 01/17/20
Essilor TX Christopher Blomberg Process Engineer 10/30/19
Ethox Chemicals SC William Davis Technical Account Manager 12/13/19
Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Chuck Hinton President 11/04/19
Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Philip Howard SR VP Operations 01/06/20
Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Kurt Waldthausen Account Manager 11/12/19
Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Chris Welch VP Sales 11/04/19
Eurecat US TX James Campbell Regional Sales Manager 11/21/19
Evans, Witt and Partner LLC NC Christopher Evans Managing Partner 01/20/20
Evonik Corporation PA Alan Boyce Sr Process Engineer 12/20/19
Evonik Corporation PA Jessie Walters Senior Sourcing Manager - Tolling 11/20/19
Exim Indis Inc. TX Bob Byron VP Business Development 01/06/20
Exim Indis Inc. TX Mari Kottaka CEO 01/06/20
ExxonMobil TX Nancy Estrada Contracts Manager 01/21/20
ExxonMobil NJ Vaseem Firdaus Global Tolling Manager 10/02/19
F2 Chemicals ltd United Kingdom Helen McNamee Commerical Manager 12/03/19
F2 Chemicals ltd United Kingdom Andy Penman Managing Director 12/03/19
Fanwood Chemical NJ Jim DeLisi President 12/04/19
FAR Chemical FL Joe Beatty VP/GM 01/10/20
FAR Chemical, Inc. FL Ed Lefler Director of Business Development 01/08/20
FAR Chemical, Inc. FL Jerry Reddinger Commercial Director 01/08/20
Federal Equipment Company OH Ted Davis Vice President 09/23/19
Federal Equipment Company OH David Winger Vice President 09/23/19
FINE Agrochemicals Ltd. United Kingdom Joerg Werner Global Supply Chain Manager 01/09/20
Fine Americas, Inc. CA Alison Dinfotan Production Manager 01/07/20
Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc KY Lee Betkowski Chemical Industry Manager 11/20/19
Flottweg Separation Technology, Inc KY Oliver Willmann Chemical Industry Manager 11/20/19
FORMA LIFE SCIENCE MARKETING NC Marty Fitzgerald Director of Business Development 01/16/20
Free Agent NY Paul Wilczewski Global Operations Executive 01/13/20
Frontier Scientific, Inc. UT Bert V Israelsen COO 01/05/20
Fujifilm United Kingdom Shona Birrell Commercial Manager 01/08/20
Fujifilm United Kingdom Pauline Gibson Commercial General Manager 01/08/20
FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Kimberly Cole Product Development Manager 01/02/20
FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Dana Nye Market Development Executive 01/02/20
FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Jim Wilder Commercial Director 01/02/20
FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Cameron Young Market Development Executive 01/02/20
FutureFuel Chemical Company AR Max Zoellin Associate Market Development Exec 01/02/20
Gabriel Performance Products OH Jeffrey Gates Director Business Development 10/02/19
Gas Innovations OH Mike Alexander Director Executive Sales 10/02/19
Gas Innovations TX Larry Martin Regional Sales Manager 10/02/19
Gas Innovations PA Terry Reese Director Supply Chain 10/02/19
Gaylord Chemical Company LA Mick Sadoudi Director, Sales & Marketing 11/20/19
GEA Westfalia TX Lance Portwood Sales Engineer 01/21/20
GEO Specialty Chemicals PA Mark Stillman Director of Sales and Marketing 01/10/20
GFS Chemicals OH Steel Hutchinson President & CEO 11/06/19
GFS Chemicals OH Austin Hutchinson Technical Sales & BD - Organic 11/06/19
GFS Chemicals OH Robert Kramer Tecnical Sales & BD - Inorganic 11/06/19
Global Phosphorus Solutions Inc. OH Tim Johnson VP of Sales 11/22/19
GRACE MANAGEMENT GROUP SC Rachel Brown New Product development  Chemist 11/22/19
GRACE MANAGEMENT GROUP SC Jennifer Elyea New Product development Chemist 11/22/19
Grace Matthews, Inc. WI Kevin Yttre Managing Director 10/02/19
Greif TX Gregg Drewelow Account Manager 01/02/20
Greif TX Lacy Winchell Account Manager 01/02/20
Haltermann Carless IN Bryan Schorr NA Sales Manager 10/02/19
Hampford Research, Inc. CT Clare Donahue President & CEO 01/07/20
Harris Williams VA John Lautemann Director 01/13/20
Heatec, Inc. TN Jeff LaPlante Regional Sales Manager 05/14/19
Heatec, Inc. TN Adriano Santos Industrial Sales Manager 11/07/19
HeiQ Chemtex NC david bilbro Vice President 11/25/19
Heraeus Precious Metals CA Chiranjit Sapre Manager - Chemicals & Catalysts 11/20/19
Heubach/Heuctotech Ltd PA Mark Vasconcellos Regional Sales Manager 11/19/19
Highland Tank MI Robert Harding  Jr Chemical Tank Sales 11/22/19
Highland Tank MI Ray Speicher Tank Systems 11/22/19
Hockmeyer Equipment NC Sara Fulford VP Sales & Marketing 01/20/20
Hockmeyer Equipment NC Zack Okelley Process Support Technician 01/20/20
Hockmeyer Equipment NC Michelle Tangredi Sales Support Manager 01/20/20
Houlihan Lokey NY Lee Harrs Managing Director 01/06/20
Howard Industries OH Josh Basinger President 11/29/19
Howard Industries OH Cynthia Peterson CEO 11/29/19
Hydrite Chemical Co WI Terry Chomniak Director of Sales-Process Organics 11/12/19
Hydrite Chemical Co WI Jeff Diercks Market Development Manager-Organics 11/12/19
Hydrite Chemical Co WI Dan Wojciechowicz Corporate Account Manager 11/12/19
Hydrite Chemical Co WI Joshua Wolfe Key Account Mgr-Graphic Arts Sales 11/12/19
IMACC Corp GA Brandon Cutt Operations Manager 12/31/19
IMACC Corporation KY Scott Richards Account Manager 12/31/19
InChem Holdings, Inc SC Mike Crownshaw Commercial Manager 01/17/20
InChem Holdings, Inc SC Brian Hamel VP of Engineering 01/17/20
InChem Holdings, Inc SC Steve Nichols Technical Director 01/17/20
Indo Amines Americas LLC DE Milind Abhyankar Director 12/12/19
Indo Amines Americas LLC DE Rahul Palkar Joint Managing Director 12/12/19
Indorama Ventures, Oxide & Glycols IL Robert Fisher Account Executive 01/11/20
Ineos Composites OH Thomas Johnson Business Manager 10/02/19
INEOS Composites OH Bill Widger Business Development Manager 10/02/19
Infineum USA NJ Maria Barcenas Global Category Leader 10/02/19
Infineum USA NJ Denise Jacobs Procurement Manager 10/02/19
Ingevity Corporation SC Collins Bryan Vice President 11/13/19
Inline Filling Systems FL Joe Schemenauer Sales Manager 10/07/19
Inline Filling Systems FL Mark Shoemaker Sales Rep 10/07/19
Innovative Chemical Technologies GA Royal King Director of Engineering 01/10/20
Innovative Chemical Technologies GA Mark Terry Vice President 01/10/20
Interflow TCS TX Yoichi Ogata Sales and Marketing Manager 11/22/19
Interflow TCS TX David Parra Sales 11/22/19
Interflow TCS TX Daniel Parra Regional Sales Manager LATAM 11/22/19
Interflow TCS TX Carlos Rodriguez Sales 11/22/19
International Chemical Group Canada Trevor Shillington Technical Sales 11/22/19
International Chemical Group Canada Veronica Toft Purchasing & Logistics 11/22/19
International Process Plants NJ Colleen Al Fanek Equipment Sales & Special Projects 01/08/20
International Process Plants NJ Keith West Director Global Equipment Sales 12/05/19
IPCO US LLC NJ Scott Springer Sales Manager 09/17/19
IPCO USA NJ Brett Trichilo Sales Engineer 09/17/19
IsleChem, LLC NY Daniel Canavan Vice President 10/07/19
IsleChem, LLC NY Patrick Canavan President 10/07/19
IsleChem, LLC NY Mercy DeLa Cruz Analytical Chemist 10/07/19
IsleChem, LLC NY Larry Fertel Research Director 10/07/19
IsleChem, LLC NY Henry Richardson Production Leader 10/07/19
ITI Technologies NC Zach Kimball Executive Vice President 12/19/19
Ivanhoe Industries, Inc. IL Keith Hammerschmidt Southwest Regional Sales Manager 12/02/19
Ivanhoe Industries, Inc. IL Paul Peebles Executive Vice President 12/02/19
J William Breen Inc SC J William Breen President 11/20/19
Janney Montgomery Scott PA Sean Gallagher Managing Director 01/11/20
Jarchem Innovative Ingredients NJ Ardi Agushi Industrial Sales Manager 01/07/20
Jarchem Innovative Ingredients NJ Bob Negley Commercial Development Manager 01/07/20
Jayhawk Fine Chemicals Corporation KS Jeff Cassidy Business Director 11/20/19
Jayhawk Fine Chemicals Corporation KS Jeff Dimmit VP Technology 11/20/19
Jayhawk Fine Chemicals Corporation KS Jay Hendren Supply Chain Manager 10/02/19
Jayhawk Fine Chemicals Corporation KS Borys Schafran VP Sales & Marketing 11/22/19
JULABO USA PA Lisa Sprenger Account Manager 12/18/19
JX NCTI TX Cliff Thompson General Manager Sales & Mktg 10/31/19
JX NCTI TX Cliff Thompson General Manager Commercial 11/18/19
KAG Logistics OH Tom Goosmann Director of Business Development 01/17/20
KAO TX HAIFA KHAN Sales/Marketing 01/15/20
Katoen Natie Specialty Chemicals TX David Dresen Business Development Manager 10/03/19
Katoen Natie Specialty Chemicals TX Maarten Dullaert Commercial Manager 10/03/19
Kelly Registration Systems GA Zack Chesser Account Manager 01/17/20
Kelly Registration Systems GA Simone Miller PS & Regulatory Affairs Manager 11/14/19
Kelvion IN Bryan Davis Applications Engineer 01/15/20
Kingchem Life Science NJ Lillian Wu COO 11/20/19
Kingchem Life Science NJ Ryan Yoder VP, Business Development 11/20/19
Kingchem Life Science LLC NJ Austin Bishop Sr. V.P. 11/11/19
Kingchem Life Science LLC NJ Stephen Wang CEO 11/11/19
Koster Keunen CT Erik Shaffer Sales Manager 07/02/19
Kwaltech LLC TX Thomas Kowalski President 10/03/19
La Mesta Chimie Fine France Etienne Baco Business Manager 10/31/19
La Petite Roche Technologies AR Todd Coleman Director, Research & Development 12/12/19
La Petite Roche Technologies AR David Fortune Vice President 11/12/19
Lacamas Laboratories OR JAMES Tung Marketing 01/15/20
Lamberti Synthesis PA GABRIELE Greco VICE PRESIDENT 01/17/20
LANXESS Corp. / Saltigo PA Tim Gagne Communications Manager 11/05/19
LANXESS Corporation PA Barbara Karoleski Director NORAM BIA&AXX 01/09/20
LANXESS Saltigo PA Steve Aderman New Business Development Manager 12/04/19
LANXESS Saltigo PA Hans Essenbreis Business Development Manager 12/04/19
LANXESS Saltigo Germany Nils Kahmann Bus. Mgr, Fine Chem. Intermediates 12/04/19
Lazard Middle Market MN Jeff Chen Managing Director 12/30/19
LBB Specialties CT Jay Lang EVP, Strategic Business Development 01/16/20
Lechler Inc IL Rich Gardner Regional Sales Manager 10/09/19
Lechler Inc IL Roderick Hamblen   10/09/19
Lechler Inc IL Alex Lago Regional Sales Manager 10/09/19
LEE CONTAINER CORPORATION GA Joel Varnedoe VP New Product Development 11/19/19
Lehan Chemical VA Brian LaFontaine President 12/07/19
Lehan Chemical VA Karl LaFontaine Sales 12/07/19
LeSaint Logistics OH Jeff Hinton Director, Client Solutions 01/08/20
Leschaco Inc TX Charles Hall Director - Commercial Development 01/13/20
LESCHACO, INC. TX William Gage Head of Chemical Vertical Market 01/13/20
Long Industries Inc. TX Marcus Turner VP Sales 12/18/19
Lonza Inc. NC Joerg Brachten Sales Director NA -Agro Ingredients 09/19/19
Lonza Inc. NJ Jerry Morales Sr. Acct Mngr 10/03/19
Lonza Ltd. Switzerland Christoph Kolano Head of Product Decelopment - Agro 09/19/19
Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co. TX John Hatcher Business Development 07/08/19
Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co. LA Larry Medford Vice President 07/08/19
Louisiana Chemical Equipment Co. TX Steven Nelson General Manager 07/08/19
Lowry Rhoads Associates TX Jonathan Rhoads Managing Partner 01/08/20
Lubrication Engineers, Inc. MS Al Parrish Account Manager 11/18/19
Lubrication Engineers, Inc. MS Lester Parrish Account Manager 11/08/19
Lubrication Engineers, Inc. TX Otto Rojas New Business Development Manager 11/22/19
Lyco International Inc. CA Lucy Li Sales representitive 11/13/19
Lyco International Inc. CA Frank Yang General manager 11/13/19
LZL Engineering, LLC MN Melody Hanson VP Sales & Marketing 01/03/20
LZL Engineering, LLC MN Laurence Lee CEO, CTO 01/03/20
Manchester & Associates TX Katelyn Manchester Sales Manager 11/22/19
Maroon Group SW OH Jay McHugh President 01/08/20
Maroon Group SW OH Randy Risner Account Manager 01/08/20
Marshall Excelsior MI Ken Dubay Director of Sales 01/13/20
Marshall Excelsior OK George Jenkins Business Development Manager 01/08/20
Materials Technology Institute MO Byron Keelin Director of Operations 11/07/19
Materials Technology Institute MO Kirk Richardson Director of Marketing 11/07/19
MATRIC WV Michael Bradford Director of Research 01/03/20
MATRIC WV Jack Dever Chief Technology Officer 10/14/19
MATRIC WV Robert Nunley Pilot Plant Manager 10/14/19
McGean OH Kelly Bole Account Manager 11/22/19
McGean OH Mara Gliozzi VP & Global Business Manager 11/22/19
McGean OH Bryan Miller Account Manager 11/22/19
Metallix Refining NJ Dayron Ortega Buyer 01/07/20
Metallix Refining NJ Gustavo Salazar Buyer 01/07/20
MFG Chemical LLC GA Jon Amdursky Marketing/Communications 01/03/20
MFG Chemical LLC GA Keith Arnold CEO    President 01/03/20
MFG Chemical LLC GA Guido De Stefano Chief Science & Technology Manager 01/03/20
MFG Chemical LLC GA Tim Haggerty Gulf Coast Bus. Development Manager 01/03/20
MFG Chemical LLC GA Tyler Thomas Associate Project Manager 01/03/20
MFG Chemical LLC GA Paul Turgeon Executive Chairman 01/03/20
Midas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NJ Tim Feuerstein President 11/20/19
Midas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NJ Martin Sauerbier Senior Key Account Manager 11/20/19
MIKI SANGYO (USA) INC. NJ Yuki Takayama Director 01/21/20
Milliken  SiVance SC Emsley Caldwell Chemical Buyer 01/06/20
Milliken  SiVance SC Frank Fisher VP Global Sourcing 01/06/20
Milliken  SiVance SC Jim Stavrakas Director of Global Sourcing 01/06/20
Milliken & Company SC Jeff Jones Business Development Director 11/14/19
Milliken & Company SC Kelley Law Senior Account Manager 11/14/19
Milliken & Company SC Mark Moderhack Senior Account Executive 11/14/19
Milliken & Company SC Michael Molnar Market Manager 11/14/19
Milliken & Company SC Randy Schneider Sr Business Development Mngr 11/14/19
Milliken & Company SC Jess Styers Account Manager 11/14/19
Milliken & Company SC Sarah Tweed Global Sales Manager 11/14/19
Milliken & Company SC Grant Weatherford Sourcing Manager 11/14/19
Mississippi Polymer Institute MS Caitlyne Shirley Technical Services Representative 11/11/19
Molex Company TX Zach Ford Account Representative 11/21/19
Molex Group TX Derek Puppa Business Manager 01/02/20
Molex Group LLC TX Don Hutton Accounts Manager 11/20/19
Momentive FL Michael Shields Marketing Manager 09/11/19
Momentive Performance Materials OK Brad Costello Sales Account Manager 01/14/20
Monument Chemical KY Deborah Kovacs Business Development Manager 10/02/19
Monument Chemical TX Amanda Muilenburg Business Development 01/13/20
Monument Chemical TX Jeff Weeks Business Dev / Technology 01/13/20
Monument Chemical LLC TX Umair Virani Commercial Development Manager 12/18/19
Mott Corporation CT Glen Brown Reg Sales Mgr 11/14/19
Mott Corporation CT Dan Goliber Program Mktg Mgr 11/14/19
Mount Vernon Chemicals, LLC NC Randy Smith President 11/22/19
Mount Vernon Chemicals, LLC- FCI Technology NC Richard Barnhardt Vice President & General Manager 11/11/19
MXD Process KY Mark Franco CEO 07/16/19
MXD Process KY Daniel Loeschen Marketing Director 07/16/19
NACD VA Roselle Foley Sr. Director, Business Development 10/02/19
NACD VA Jenni Jenkins Membership Manager 10/02/19
Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Jeff BARNES CEO 11/29/19
Nachurs-Alpine Solutions OH Lee Lewand Sales Manager 10/03/19
Nation Ford Chemical SC Glenn Bergvist Senior Process Manager 07/08/19
Nation Ford Chemical SC Michael Bratt Chief Financial Officer 07/08/19
Nation Ford Chemical SC Jay Dickson President 07/08/19
Nation Ford Chemical SC Brooke DiDomenico Technical Manager 07/02/19
NatureWorks LLC NE Terence Doll External Manufacturing Leader 11/21/19
Nelson Brothers, LLC AL John McLaughlin Director of Industrial Chemicals 01/15/20
Nelson Brothers, LLC AL Adam Sherer Product Manager 01/15/20
Net at Work NY Ralph Ceccarelli Sage X3 ERP, Chemical 10/07/19
Net at Work NY Jack Power Chem at Work, Solution Engineer 10/07/19
NETZSCH Premier Technologies PA Patrick Salvi Sales Director 01/20/20
NETZSCH Premier Technologies PA Mark Seale Regional Manager 11/05/19
Neuralabel TX Collins Wimbish Sales 11/18/19
Nichino America Inc. DE Luis Huezo Safety/Quality/Formulations Manager 10/03/19
Nickel Systems PA Tom Redstreake Sales Manager 01/08/20
Nickel Systems PA Mike Taylor President 01/08/20
NOAH TECHNOLOGIES CORP. TX Tina Blumenthal Advertising Director 01/15/20
NOAH TECHNOLOGIES CORP. TX Diane Milner Marketing Manager 01/15/20
NOAH TECHNOLOGIES CORP. TX Kelly Sellers Chief Chemist / Technical Manager 01/15/20
Northland Chemical Inc. Canada Jeff Steinberg Business Development Manager 11/20/19
Northland Chemical Inc. Canada Stefan Strasser Filtration Specialist 11/20/19
Novasep France Anne Jan Leenhouts Global Sales & Business Development 01/16/20
Oakwood Chemical SC Wilson Butler Business Development 10/11/19
Oakwood Chemical SC Gregory Butler President 10/11/19
Octochem Inc. IL John Caffarelli Business Development Mgr. 11/01/19
Oleochem Analytics OH Carlos Perez Senior Editor 10/31/19
Oleon SC Matt Loebbaka Account Manager 12/20/19
Olin TX Dale Green Operations Manager 01/07/20
Operational Sustainability LLC TX David Drerup CEO 12/17/19
Optima Chemical GA Doug Cochran VP of Business Development 01/09/20
Optima Chemical GA Mike Harrison Business Development 01/09/20
Optima Chemical GA Katie Herrington Production Engineer 01/09/20
Optima Chemical GA Charles Hinnant CEO 01/16/20
Optima Chemical GA Gene Williams President 01/09/20
Optima Chemical GA Keith Woodward Supply Chain Manager 01/09/20
ORG CHEM Group, LLC IN Marcia Leslie Key Account Manager 01/10/20
ORG CHEM Group, LLC IN Eric Mittlefehldt V.P. Development & Contract Mfg. 01/10/20
ORG CHEM Group, LLC IN Tom Waldman President 01/10/20
Ortec, Inc SC Rodney Garza Business Manager 11/21/19
Ortec, Inc SC Greg Russell VP of Business Development 11/21/19
Ortec, Inc SC Louie Steed Business Development 11/21/19
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics NJ Jessica Stigliano Strategic Sourcing Specialist 01/13/20
OTC Logistics, LLC TX Kirk Lane Managing Director 01/08/20
Oxea Corporation TX Timothy Knight Director Business Development 12/30/19
P&G Chemicals OH Neil Fairweather Group Scientist 01/10/20
Pacific Industrial Development Corp. MI Edward Bovo Business Mgr, Chemical & Refining 11/26/19
Paul O. Abbe Inc. IL Jeff Hoffmann Vice President 09/24/19
Peel Plastic Products Limited Canada Diane Ferraro Account Manager 01/17/20
Peel Plastic Products Limited Canada Richard Hugo Account Manager 01/17/20
Penn Chemicals, Inc. PA Parth Kansupada President 01/12/20
Penn Chemicals, Inc. PA Gregg Tyler Business Development Manager 01/12/20
Pennakem TN Mike McGeary New Business Development Manager 11/04/19
Pennakem TN Barry Roberts Commercial Director, North America 11/04/19
Peoples Services, Inc. OH Matt Maglicic National Sales Manager 01/15/20
Performance  Systematix MI len mazur Packaging Innovation 11/21/19
Perry Videx LLC NJ PETE DANGELO SALES 10/07/19
Perry Videx LLC NJ Luis Mercado Sales 10/07/19
Phlex Teknologies PA Stephen Brauer President 01/15/20
Phoenix Oil, Inc. TX Trey Bosard VP 11/21/19
Phoenix Oil, Inc. TX Lisa King Sales 11/21/19
Piedmont Chemical NC Tim Dixon Product Development Manager 10/15/19
Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Cres Calabrese Chief Strategy Officer 10/08/19
Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Ben Espada Vice President of Operations 10/08/19
Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Gary Reynolds Sales Manager 12/11/19
Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Rede Wilson Technical Sales Representative 11/15/19
Piedmont Chemical Industries I, LLC NC Emil Delgado VP,COO 11/15/19
Pilot Chemical OH Anil Saraf New Business Development Manager 01/08/20
Pilot Chemical Co OH Howard Garber Oil & Gas Sales Manager 01/08/20
Pilot Chemical Co OH Rob Harpum Metalworking & Lubricant Sales Mana 01/08/20
Pilot Chemical Co OH Kenny Potter Marketing Manager 01/08/20
Pilot Chemical Co OH Kirk Schlup Business Manager - Additives & Aris 01/08/20
Piper Sandler Co MN Chris Geyer Director 01/03/20
Plastics Industries TX Daniel Amend Southwest Region Sales Mgr. 01/17/20
Platte River Equity CO Kris Whalen Managing Director 12/20/19
POLAQUIMIA Mexico Eduardo Mota Marketing Manager 12/13/19
Polaquimia, S.A. Mexico Omar Maya Special Projects 01/08/20
Polymers & Petrochemicals Trading TX Muhammad Fayyaz VP Sales & Marketing 10/03/19
Polysciences, Inc. PA Dave Cooper Senior Manager - Specialty Products 01/13/20
Polysciences, Inc. PA Scott Knorr Vice President - Sales & Bus Devel 01/13/20
Polysciences, Inc. PA Michael Wagaman Vice President - R&D 01/13/20
Powder Processing & Technology IN Adam Bonk Business Development Manager 01/07/20
Powder Processing & Technology IN Daniel Borrelly Business Development Manager 11/21/19
Powder Processing & Technology IN Bryan Colter Development Engineer 11/21/19
Powell MI Matt Brown Regional Sales Manager 01/08/20
PPHB LP TX Joe Buchanan Partner 11/20/19
Praxair, Inc. TX Justin Farris Business Development Manager 01/20/20
Praxair, Inc. IL Roman Grosman National BD Director 11/14/19
Praxair, Inc. CT Walter Renz Associate BD Director Chemicals 11/14/19
Pressure Chemical Co. PA Rebecca Ostrzeniec Key Accounts Manager 11/22/19
Pressure Chemical Co. PA Dan Palmer Technical Sales Representative 11/22/19
Pressure Chemical Co. PA Leon Perez President 11/22/19
Pressure Chemical Co. PA Brandon Ritchie Business Director 11/22/19
Pressure Chemical Co. PA Emily Thurston Director of Sales 11/22/19
Procedyne NJ Frank Fisher Process Tech Sales Manager 01/20/20
Procedyne NJ Tom Parr President and COO 01/20/20
Procter & Gamble OH Justin Hedin Senior Engineer 01/13/20
Procter & Gamble TX Pablo Uranga Account Executive 01/08/20
Procter & Gamble OH Abigail Vallance Scientist 01/13/20
Qi-Chem Co., Ltd. Canada Cassidy Gai Marketing Director 01/08/20
Qi-Chem Co., Ltd. Canada Dianbao Jiang Chairman & President 01/08/20
Qi-Chem Co., Ltd. Canada Young Jin Lee Senior Advisor 01/08/20
QProducts & Services IL Tom Larocca Account Manager 10/03/19
QProducts & Services IL Jim ODonnell Director of Sales 10/03/19
QV Chemicals LLC MO Ajit Shah VP - Business Development 11/11/19
QV Chemicals LLC MO Jeffrey Slocum Business Development Executive 12/15/19
RB Products Inc. TX Micah Rice Vice President 12/02/19
REDSTONE, a Trinity Consultants Com OH JAMES EGGENSCHWILER Principal, Global Trade & Chem Reg 01/13/20
Redstone/SafeBridge Consultants OH Jim Eggenschwiler Principal 01/10/20
Reed CT Marissa Maiolo Marketing Manager 01/07/20
Reliance Label Solution KS Jack McEntee President 01/15/20
Reliance Label Solution KS Mike Wilkinson Sales 10/25/19
Reliance Label Solutions KS Jim Garvic Director of Business Development 07/11/19
Reliance Label Solutions KS Bill Sargent Business Development Manager 07/11/19
Research Solutions AL Jeff Miller CEO 11/07/19
Ricca Chemical Company TX Doug Dowd President 11/08/19
Ricca Chemical Company TX Lance Green Associate Product Manager 11/08/19
Ricca Chemical Company TX Linda Hurley SVP Sales & Marketing 11/08/19
Ricca Chemical Company TX Katie Schnur Marketing Manager 11/08/19
Richman Chemical Inc. PA Christopher Kulp Chief Commercial Officer 11/11/19
Richman Chemical Inc. PA Joseph Slavin Senior Proj. Mngr, Custom Service 11/11/19
Richman Chemical Inc. PA Brian Watson Manager, Toll Manufacturing Service 11/11/19
Rieke Metals NE Shannon Bellino Director of Sales & Marketing 01/16/20
Rieke Metals NE John Hollenbach CEO 01/16/20
Rierden Chemical IL Aaron Eckhardt Sales 12/16/19
Rierden Chemical IL Joe Rierden President 12/16/19
Rinchem TX Kylor Neale Business Development Manager 01/21/20
Rinchem NM Andrew Peterson Business Development Manager 01/21/20
Rinchem Company NM Mark Sutton Sales Manager 01/16/20
Rinchem Company, Inc. AZ Michael Gingerella Global Business Development 01/17/20
ROW2 Technologies, Inc. NJ Anand Ramakrishnan Vice President - Sales & Operations 10/11/19
Royal Chemical OH Collin Bremer Account Manager 10/14/19
Royal Chemical OH Nick Dascoli Senior Account Manager 10/18/19
Royal Chemical OH Bill Fox Account Manager 10/14/19
Royal Chemical OH Nick Lamagna VP of Sales & Marketing 10/14/19
Royal Society of Chemistry United Kingdom Genevra Champion Marketing Manager 11/06/19
Royal Society of Chemistry PA Peter Hranjec Senior Sales Executive 11/06/19
RSA Corp CT Chad Henke Engineering 01/08/20
RSA Corp CT Arno Steinig Laboratory Director 01/08/20
RT Process OH Richard Gross Project Manager 11/04/19
RT Process OH Ali Kerr General manager 11/04/19
S and S Chemical NY Chad Crocker Territory Manager 01/21/20
S and S Chemical Company, Inc. NY Robert Smith President 01/21/20
SABIC Canada Blaine Johnson Specialist, Tech Goods and Services 12/17/19
SABIC NY Brian Rice Global Product Manager 01/13/20
SABIC Innovative Plastics IN Andrew Wurtz Sr Engr Process Improvement 12/17/19
Safe Foods Corporation AR Slaton Fry COO 10/03/19
Sample Express GA Harley Jones VP Marketing 11/15/19
Sample Express GA Hollie Zachry CEO 11/15/19
Sandhya Organic Chemicals Pvt Ltd India Snehal Patel Director 01/21/20
santolubes SC george garrison President & CEO 01/08/20
SANTOLUBES MFG SC josh starnes vice president 11/07/19
Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership ON Shauna Carr Economic Development Officer 12/17/19
Sartomer PA Tim Malloy Tolling Manager 01/16/20
SCT GA Jack Drawdy Vice President of Sales 01/08/20
SCT GA Cameron Whaley President 01/08/20
Sea-land Chemical Company OH Brian Bundy Business Development Manager 01/16/20
Sea-land Chemical Company OH Matthew Mapus VP of Marketing 01/16/20
Sea-land Chemical Company OH Jack McKenna VP of Business Development 01/16/20
Seatex, LLC TX Tim Emert VP - Sales 11/25/19
Seatex, LLC TX Amanda Sutton Director - Business Development 11/07/19
Sefar NY Curt Carstens VP Sales Process Filtration 10/07/19
Sefar NY Kevin Pender Market Manager - Chemicals 10/07/19
Sefar Inc NY Richie Andrade Western Regional Sales Manager 10/07/19
Sefar Inc NY Brian Hoette Territory Manager 10/07/19
Seqens Custom Specialties United Kingdom Brian Tarbit Business Development Director 11/25/19
Seqens Custom Specialties United Kingdom Anne Wardell Commercial Manager 11/25/19
SGS NJ James Joll Regional Sales Manager 01/13/20
SGS North America Inc. NJ Lisa Gebhart Regional Sales Manager 09/17/19
SGS North America Inc. NJ Warren Hojnacki Regional Sales Manager 09/17/19
Sherwin-Williams OH Scott Paprzycki Senior Sourcing Manager 01/20/20
Sherwin-Williams MN Margie Pierce Tolling Manager 01/21/20
Sherwin-Williams OH Ashley Victor Engineer 01/14/20
Shree Vallabh Chemicals GA Niral Shah General Manager 12/19/19
Shree Vallabh Chemicals GA Rajendrakumar Shah Managing Partner 12/19/19
Shree Vallabh Chemicals GA Diman Shah Managing Partner 12/19/19
Shree Vallabh Chemicals GA Perry Warren North American Agent 12/19/19
Shrieve Chemical Products, Inc. TX Veronica Levet Supply Manager 11/07/19
Siemens NY Jonas Norinder Digitalization Manager 12/03/19
Silver Fern Chemical, Inc WA Troy Kinto Regional Sales Manager 11/07/19
Sinova Specialties NC johannes heckmann Sales 01/15/20
Sirrus, Inc. OH Bradley Resch Director of Engineering 11/07/19
SK Capital Partners NY Barry Penney Managing Director 01/17/20
Skolnik Industries IL Dennis McDermott Sales 10/04/19
Skolnik Industries IL Josip Petrusic Sales 10/04/19
SkyBitz IL Mike Fisher Regional Sales Dir 12/12/19
SkyBitz IL Greg King Regional Sales Dir 12/12/19
SkyBitz IL Anton King VP of Sales 12/12/19
SkyBitz IL Sam Nickell Regional Sales Dir 12/31/19
Skyhawk Chemicals Inc TX David Gaspard Vice President Sales 12/31/19
Skyhawk Chemicals Inc TX Vishal Kapadia Purchasing Manager 12/31/19
Society of Chemistry & Industry United Kingdom Neil Eisberg Editor 12/19/19
Sofix LLC TN Paul Cahill President 01/02/20
Sofix LLC TN Sean Griffith-Motley Research Chemist 01/02/20
Sofix LLC TN Anthony Paolucci VP Operations 01/02/20
Solenis LLC DE Kavan Desai Global Sourcing 01/22/20
SOLVAY NJ Dominick Cangiano Market Development Manager 12/09/19
SOLVAY France Remi Lebleu Global Key Account Manager 12/09/19
SOLVAY France Nicolas Taillardat Business Manager Insulation Materia 12/09/19
Solvay GA Joe Vogt Novecare NA Tolling Manager 11/21/19
Solvay USA NJ William Lombardi Purchasing Manager - Tolling 11/20/19
Solvay USA GA Edward Santiago Sr. Buyer 11/22/19
SolvChem Custom Packaging TX Brian Edwards Business Development Manager 01/08/20
SolvChem Custom Packaging TX Anthony Pletka Business Development Manager 01/08/20
South Coast Terminals TX Will Baker Business Development Manager 12/18/19
South Coast Terminals TX David Bohner Business Development Manager 12/18/19
South Coast Terminals TX Scott Flannigan Business Development Manager 12/18/19
South Coast Terminals TX James Griffin Director -Business Development 12/18/19
Southwestern Controls TX Tom Cook Sales Manager 01/14/20
Special Materials Company TX Brad Vickery Business Mgr Oilfield 10/30/19
Speciality Chemicals Magazine NC Gregory Morris Editor 01/08/20
Spectra Colors Corp NJ Christopher Almonte Intt Sales Manager 12/06/19
State Contract Manufacturing OH Keith Clouston VP of Operations 09/18/19
State Contract Manufacturing OH Dashun Golden Production Manager 09/18/19
State Contract Manufacturing OH Rebecca Korwin VP of Science & Innovation 10/07/19
Stett Transportaton OH Drew Anstett President 01/16/20
Stett Transportaton OH Teresa James Business Develpment 01/16/20
Stoller USA TX Jeff Shaw Purchasing Specialist 01/07/20
Strem Chemicals, Inc. MA Ephraim Honig Chief Executive Officer 12/18/19
Strem Chemicals, Inc. MA Joanna Tsiantas Customer Relations and Administrati 12/18/19
Styker Fuels TX Jack Nicholas Vice President 01/15/20
SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions NJ D. GLENN Michalis Global Tolling Leader 01/07/20
Suez WT&S PA Jeff Castor Principal Engineer 10/03/19
Suez WTS PA Joseph Fay VP Global Supply Chain 01/08/20
Sun Chemical NJ Ralph Arcurio Technical Manager Polymer Science 10/02/19
Superior Solvents and Chemicals IN Shane Cline Vice President 12/09/19
Superior Solvents and Chemicals IN Beau Fulk Technical Sales 12/09/19
Surface Chemists of Florida, I FL Kevin Beairsto President 09/18/19
Surface Chemists of Florida, I FL Colleen Verzi Director of Operations 09/18/19
Suterra OR Thomas Lau Director of Chemical Sourcing 10/03/19
Synalloy Chemicals SC Kevin Bates Director of Operations 01/16/20
Synalloy Chemicals TN Greg Gibson President 05/22/19
Synalloy Chemicals SC Tony Jones VP of Sales 05/22/19
Synalloy Chemicals GA Matt Maretti Territory Sales Manager 10/07/19
Synalloy Corporation GA Mike Junkins Global Product Manager 01/02/20
Synquest Laboratories, Inc. FL Todd Brown Director of Sales 12/12/19
Synquest Labs FL Ashraf Ali Product Manager 12/12/19
Synquest Labs FL Paul Mazzell Dir. of Business Development 01/08/20
Systran, Inc. TX Tammy Netherland Business Support Director 01/09/20
Tacmina USA IL James Feltman Vice President 01/14/20
Tankmor - Liquid Tank Rentals TX Matthew Murdoch Managing Partner 10/03/19
Taros Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG Germany Jerome Clerc Scientist Innovation & Special Proj 11/19/19
Taros Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG Germany Youri Mesmoudi Executive Vice President 10/11/19
TCI America OR Roman Kats-Kagan Account Manager 09/03/19
TCI America OR Corey Smith Business Development Manager 08/29/19
Texas Molecular TX Stephen Franklin National Account Manager 01/10/20
Texas Molecular LP TX Jimmy Bracher Vice President-Business Development 12/27/19
Texas Molecular LP TX Lisa Brown Account Manager 11/14/19
Texas Molecular LP TX Gary Burton Account Manager 11/14/19
Texas Molecular LP TX Frank Marine President 11/14/19
Texas Molecular, LP TX Chris Lobue CEO 11/21/19
Texmark Chemical TX Sarah Ragsdale Special Projects 09/24/19
Texmark Chemical TX Eric Spore VP Sales & Marketing 09/24/19
Texmark Chemicals TX Rebecca Rosas VP Planning 01/20/20
The Chemical Company RI Steve Friedewald Oxo Sales Specialist 11/07/19
The Chemical Company RI Shawn Harrington Sales Specialist 11/07/19
The Chemical Company RI Cory Mullins OXO /methanol Sales Specialist 11/07/19
The Chemical Company RI AJ Petrarca Sales Manager 11/07/19
The Chemical Company RI Ben Sawicki Marketing and Sales Specialist 11/07/19
The Equity Engineering Group OH Kevin Cosper VP Business Development 01/09/20
The Equity Engineering Group OH Jeannie Lewis VP Practices & Engineering Solution 01/09/20
The Lewis Chemical Company GA Kevin King Director of Business Development 10/03/19
The LYCRA Company KS Rick Truxal Director of Sourcing 10/03/19
The Meadows Group TX Jeff Sadler Business Development 01/08/20
The Shepherd Chemical Company OH Jeff Walter International Account Manager 11/22/19
The Sherwin-Williams Company MN Neil McMurdie Director R&D Strategy 01/15/20
THIELMANN US LLC TX Gerek Foote Sales Manager 11/05/19
THIELMANN US LLC TX Ralf vom Bruch Product Line Director 01/10/20
Third Coast Terminals TX HL Barnett General Manager 01/08/20
Third Coast Terminals TX Grif Carnes General Manager 01/08/20
Third Coast Terminals TX Richard McDill Consultant 01/14/20
Third Coast Terminals TX Martin Staley General Manager 01/08/20
Thomas Swan & Co Ltd. NJ Ray Fahmy President 12/18/19
Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. NJ Ray Fahmy President 09/19/19
Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. United Kingdom Thomas Porter Commercial Director, Custom Manufac 12/18/19
Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. United Kingdom Tom Porter Commercial Director 09/19/19
Thompson Hine OH Timothy Coughlin Partner 12/11/19
Tiarco GA Shane Day Global Sales Director 01/01/20
Tiarco GA Tyler Patterson National Sales Rep 01/01/20
Tiarco Chemical TX Gary Collette North American Grease and Lubricant 11/05/19
Tiarco Chemical NC Greg Mecimore Regional Sales Manager 11/05/19
Tiarco Chemical GA Mark Sellers Global Director Market Development 11/05/19
Tinicum NY Patrick Yee Investor 01/02/20
TMC Industries Inc. MN Nick Hansen General Manager 11/05/19
TMC Industries Inc. MN Michael Vago Sales 11/05/19
Toray International American, Inc NY Keith Dosch US Sales Manager 01/08/20
TorQuest Partners ON Karl Iyari Principal 12/20/19
TorQuest Partners ON Evan Sequeira Director, Business Development 12/20/19
Tosoh USA OH Michael East Business Development Manager 01/20/20
Total Cray Valley PA Herbert Chao Innovations Manager 10/31/19
Total Quality Logistics OH Kelly Tate National Sales Executive 12/03/19
Trecora Chemical TX Larry Birdsell Custom Processing Business Director 12/06/19
Trecora Chemical TX Karl Daum Sr. Process Engineer 12/06/19
Trecora Chemical GA Marcello Villahoz Sales Manager - Latin America 01/07/20
Tricor Metals TX Dennis Lamberth Market Manager 01/06/20
TriFleet Leasing (USA) Inc. TX Peter Sloane Regional Manager N&S America 12/31/19
Trinity Logistics MO Ashley Lindsey Sales Manager 12/04/19
Trinity Logistics MO Andy Rogers Sales Manager Team Lead 12/04/19
Tri-Sure IL Sean Smith Area Sales Manager 11/07/19
True North Capital Partners NY Matthew Andrejkovics Director 01/04/20
Trumont International NY Komail Thaver Managing Director 01/19/20
TSE Industries FL Adam Anderson Director of Technology 01/10/20
Umicore PMC USA OK Phillip Chalabi General Manager 11/18/19
Univar Solutions TX Erin Burke Technical Manager 09/17/19
Univar Solutions TX Michael Miller Manager Technical Services/Chem Mfg 09/17/19
Univar Solutions TX Ruben Nieto Application Development Specialist 11/07/19
Univar Solutions TX Lupe Zamorano Sr Application Development Manger 11/07/19
Univertical IN Jim Bush Sales & Marketing Manager 01/14/20
USALCO MD Khiem Khue Process Engineer 10/28/19
VAC-U-MAX NJ Larry Boer Representative 01/17/20
VAC-U-MAX NJ Lou Cintron Dir. Business Development 11/06/19
VAC-U-MAX NJ Michael Denicola Regional Sales Manager 11/06/19
VALENTINE CHEMICALS, LLC LA Henry Delaune Business Development 11/20/19
VanDeMark Chemical Inc. PA John Dobrolsky Sales Manager, North America 12/03/19
Vantage Specialties, Inc IL Paul Gaines Business Director 11/07/19
Vantage Specialties, Inc TX Brad Housenga Regional Sales Manager 11/07/19
Vantage Specialties, Inc GA Tony Martinez Regional Sales Manager 11/07/19
Vantage Specialties, Inc GA Rex Stutchman Regional Sales Manager 11/07/19
VARO AS TX Lars Obro International Sales Director 10/21/19
Veckridge Chemical Company NJ David Veca Director of Marketing 09/18/19
Vertec BioSolvents, Inc. IL Skip Laubach President & COO 01/02/20
Vertellus Belgium Kurt Severyns Global Sales Director Fine Chem 12/23/19
Vertellus LLC MN Nina Waranica Global Business Development Manager 12/19/19
Volunteer Pastilles, LLC TN David Cook Director, Sales and Marketing 01/08/20
Volunteer Pastilles, LLC TN Steve Cook Owner 01/08/20
VPC Chemicals TX James Lambert Acct Mngr 01/20/20
VPC Chemicals TX Andre Verdant Director 01/20/20
Vulpes Corp. MO Rick Shang CEO 11/07/19
Vulpes Corp. MO Dihu Yu CTO 11/07/19
Wacker Chemical Corp. MI Mark Harrison Global Business Dev. Mgr. 09/17/19
Wacker Chemical Corp. MI Scott Starr Sr. Business Dev. Mgr. 09/17/19
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Grou CA Nate Kimball District Sales Manager 12/11/19
Webb Chemical MI John Hill Business Development Manager 10/03/19
Wego Chemical Group NY Jason LoPipero Global Product Manager 09/30/19
Wego Chemical Group NY Kimberly Morgan Business Development 09/17/19
Wego Chemical Group NY Roger Weaving International Sales Manager 09/17/19
West Virginia Development Office WV James Owrey Business Developmetn Manager 01/21/20
West Virginia Development Office WV Steve Spence Director, International Division 01/06/20
WeylChem International GmbH Germany Antti Koivisto Managing Director 12/18/19
WeylChem International GmbH Germany Andr Majdalani Key Account Manager 01/16/20
WeylChem US Inc. SC Paul Bacon Managing Director 12/18/19
WeylChem US Inc. SC Kevin Drost Vice President of Technology 01/06/20
WeylChem US Inc. SC Hugh Hennessey Account Manager 12/18/19
WeylChem US Inc. SC Diane Medwid Account Manager 12/18/19
WeylChem US Inc. SC Eric Shepardson Vice President of Sales 12/18/19
Wiley Companies OH Jack Etheridge Vice-President 11/22/19
Wiley Companies OH Susan Palus Fine Chemicals Product Manager 11/22/19
William Blair IL Cameron Morris Director 01/14/20
Womble Bond Dickinson NC Stephanie Hinrichs Sr. Director 01/08/20
Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP SC Melinda Davis Lux Partner 09/17/19
Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP NC Brad De Vore Partner 11/19/19
Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP MD Barry Herman Attorney 01/08/20
Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP TX Mark Shelley Of Counsel 11/21/19
Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP TX Jeffrey Whittle Office Managing Partner 01/15/20
WST Energy AL Farrell Stockslager Director of Logistics 01/13/20
WST Energy, an Italmatch Company AL Jamie Price Director of Product Management 01/13/20
Zaclon OH Jon Hall Plant Manager 11/21/19
Zaclon OH Jeff Turgeon Sales 11/21/19
Zymergen CA Joshua Robinson Business Development 10/03/19
Zymergen, Inc. CA Joshua Geilhufe Sr. Manager, Business Development 11/14/19

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