Piedmont Chemical Industries

Family owned chemical manufacturer focused on developing and manufacturing high quality textile and specialty chemicals with five production sites, providing innovative solutions for 80 years.

Attendee List

Name Event Job Title
Cres Calabrese Charleston 2018 Chief Strategy Officer
Rede Wilson Charleston 2018, Charleston 2019, Charleston 2021, Texas 2019, Texas 2020 Technical Sales Representative
Frank Little Texas 2019, Texas 2020 Sales Manager Specialty Chemicals
Cres Calabrese Charleston 2019, Texas 2019, Texas 2020 Chief Strategy Officer
Tim Dixon Texas 2019, Texas 2020 Product Development Manager
Gary Reynolds Texas 2019, Texas 2020 Sales Manager
Emil Delgado Texas 2019, Texas 2020 VP,COO
Ben Espada Texas 2020 Vice President of Operations

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