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How Do the Texas and Charleston Events Compare?

Some have asked about the profile of this second event, and how we see it fitting with the very successful September show.  We continue to be committed to many of the same elements featured at the Charleston event: a smaller-scale hotel ballroom format, an exhibition focused on North American-based companies, and an overall attention to offer a first-class business experience at a very reasonable cost.

We envision 3 main 'distinguishers' for the new Texas show:

Market Profile

The event name has been modified to include "Custom" instead of "Agro", which we believe will attract a slightly broader audience of companies working in the Specialty, Custom, Fine and Industrial Chemical markets, while still maintaining the focus on North American business. 


The Charleston show currently serves many in the agrochemicals community, both because of its proximity to a core of that industry in the Raleigh/Greensboro/Research Triangle area, as well as September generally being a more convenient time of year for the crop protection and fertilizer market. 

Since the Texas show is anticipated to feature a significant crossover of Charleston suppliers, we expect it will still attract some Agrochemical attendees, especially those based in the Midwest, Southwest, and West Coast U.S. states that are more convenient to the Dallas-Fort Worth airports.  A greater presence of Texas participants will likely be seen from the Specialty and Industrial Chemical industries, given the high concentration of those markets within driving distance from the greater Houston area, other Texas regions, Oklahoma, and parts of surrounding states such as Northwest Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas.

Industry Calendar

The specialty chemical industry will now have a meeting and gathering point at two key times in the business cycle: For the Texas show, the 2nd week of February is at the start of most companies’ calendar years, and still allows time to set-up meetings after the December holidays.  The Charleston show will remain in the first week in September, which is often a good time for suppliers and customers to connect after the summer holidays and review fall business plans.

How Accessible is Fort Worth?

Fort Worth is a 4-hour drive from the Houston area chemical industry, and about 30 minutes from DFW and Dallas Love Field airports.  Having both airport options will offer 4-5 times the number of direct flights per day compared to Austin or San Antonio, from 200+ non-stop destinations across the U.S. and internationally (e.g., Daily Directs: Atlanta = 29, Boston = 9, Charlotte = 12, Chicago = 26, Detroit = 11, NYC/Newark = 37, Philadelphia = 10, St. Louis = 14, Washington DC = 22).

What's the Value of the Show's Partnership with SOCMA?

Member companies of the Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) were among the first to support our September trade show back when it started in 2012, and member representatives have continued to be key ‘sounding board’ advisors as that show has grown.  Our company’s recent decision to join SOCMA as an affiliate member has been one tangible way of returning this industry support. 

In Fort Worth, "partnership" between the two organizations means Chemicals America owns and manages the trade show (10:00 AM Tuesday – 9:00 AM Thursday) while SOCMA owns and manages the Monday evening networking event and Tuesday morning breakfast (see next FAQ).  SOCMA will also help manage the educational conference component of the week.

We believe partnering together on this inaugural February event will provide an even greater platform for offering fellow SOCMA member companies the business networking forum they have been seeking, plus offer the broader specialty and industrial chemical industry a focused meeting forum at the start of the calendar year, to complement the value our current show brings to the specialty and agrochemical markets each September.

What’s Included with Texas Attendee Registration?

Our events are formatted a little differently than some others: exhibitor staff and attendees all pay the same flat badge of $430 (through Jan. 31).  In addition to the business value of accessing the conference program and exhibits, most of this registration fee is reinvested to provide networking value – with multiple meal and reception functions over the course of the event, spanning midday Tuesday through Thursday noon.  All attendees also gain access to the show’s online networking portal, which helps participants communicate with each other and set-up meetings before and after the show.

Through our partnership with SOCMA (see above), we are also adding new networking opportunities to the show schedule.  SOCMA will host a Monday evening “Cowboys and Chemicals” kick-off dinner, followed by a Breakfast Presentation on Tuesday morning, prior to the trade show's start.  Attendees can register separately for the dinner and breakfast ($225 prior to Jan. 31), or choose a combination rate ($625 prior to Jan. 31) that includes the full week's events.

What’s Included with Texas Exhibitor Registration?

Please see the details of the Exhibitor package at this link: Fees to Exhibit in Fort Worth

Are Discounts Offered for Attending or Exhibiting at Both Chemicals America Events?

The Chemicals America shows are aiming to “change the game” of how industry trade shows help connect suppliers and customers, by delivering a higher quality business networking opportunity at a comparatively lower cost – two goals that have often become trade-offs, not complements, at other events or conferences. Both shows are formatted to capture built-in discounts (e.g., renting hotel ballroom space vs. convention centers), and individually priced to provide a first-class business experience, for which other conferences often charge double or triple the cost. 

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