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Chemical - Custom Chemical Manufacturing, Synthesis
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Custom manufacturer of fine and specialty chemical products, including polymers, dispersants, and additives, providing capacity and technical support to major companies on a national and global scale.

Datacor, Inc.

Other Chemical Industry Services - Logistics, Environmental, Software, Media
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Developer, designer, and provider of Chempax, the leading and most extensive ERP and CRM business management software solution designed to optimize operations in specialty chemical manufacturers and distributors.

Deepwater Chemicals

Chemical - Specialty Chemical Manufacturing
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Offering a wide portfolio of iodines, iodides and iodates since 1931, with the ability to scale production volumes from lab, to pilot plant, to commercial.

DeForest Enterprises, Inc

Chemical - Specialty Chemical Manufacturing
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Specialty surfactants company offering multifunctional chemistries that include amphoterics, phosphate esters, emulsifiers, alkaline stable surfactants, wetting agents, high-performance hydrotropes, and water-soluble corrosion inhibitors.

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