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Kelly Registration Systems

Other Chemical Industry Services - Logistics, Environmental, Software, Media
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Leading software provider for state government and chemical manufacturers, with EPA data intelligence tools and solutions for registrations and regulatory oversight.

Kingchem Life Science

Chemical - Custom Chemical Manufacturing, Synthesis
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American owned and operated, Kingchem offers wide ranging chemical capabilities to the Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Specialty Chemical and Nutraceutical industries


Chemical - Custom Chemical Manufacturing, Synthesis
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Delivering superior specialty chemical manufacturing and toll processing services to many of the world’s largest chemical companies, including batch and continuous distillation and multiple reaction capabilities.

Kodak Specialty Chemicals

Chemical - Specialty Chemical Manufacturing
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Kodak makes over 500 distinct molecules from kilograms to tons. Our 88 reactors offer flexible and specialized capabilities, ranging from pilot scale to 1,000 gallons.


Equipment - Chemical Process
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Komline-Sanderson provides quality equipment for vacuum filtration; indirect drying, heating and cooling; wastewater clarification; sludge thickening and dewatering; and flue gas treatment.

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